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Instructions for Submitting Unsolicited Work To Palladium Books®

If you have work that you would like to submit to Palladium Books, you need to fill out this Unsolicited Works Form. Please read it so that you know what you're signing. If you do not include a copy of this form with your submission, Palladium cannot accept it.

There are two ways you can fill out this form: Download the Unsolicited Works PDF or print out the content below. 

Once you have filled out the form, include it with your submission. All submissions should me mailed to:

Submissions at Palladium Books, Inc. 
39074 Webb Court 
Westland, MI 48185

Unsolicited Manuscript,Idea, and Artwork Form

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Every week, Palladium Books, Inc. ("Palladium"), receives a number of unsolicited manuscripts, ideas, and/or art works. It is Palladium's policy not to accept these works unless the person submitting them agrees to the terms stated in this agreement (see below).

By signing this Agreement, you agree that Palladium is not in any position of confidential trust with you. You also agree to release and hold harmless Palladium, its agents and employees, against any claim of infringement of copyright rights, trademark rights, or other intellectual property rights in any way related to your submission. By way of example, but not limitation, Palladium's receipt and review of your materials does not prevent Palladium from developing or publishing any similar work. Nor does Palladium become an agent of fiduciary of yours relative to these works.

You also agree that you will not submit these works to any other person, nor to allow their publication by any person other than Palladium until Palladium advises you that your works have been rejected if, indeed, Palladium ever does reject your works.

In addition, if Palladium ever accepts your works for publication, you will agree to assign any and all copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights to Palladium, in exchange for Palladium's standard payment.

If you wish Palladium to consider your submission on the terms stated above, please sign and return a copy of this document.

In any case, we thank you for your interest in Palladium, and wish you the best in your future endeavors.

/s/ W. Smith 

Wayne Smith 
Rifter Editor 
Palladium Books, Inc. 




Signature:_________________________________ Dated:______/______/________



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