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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – June 2, 2011

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By Kevin Siembieda

Another wild and crazy (but good) week on many fronts.

UPDATE: Online Sales. Sales over Memorial Day weekend were excellent. People loved the Memorial Day Sale. The Robotech® hardcover was the number one selling item, the print set number two, with everything else clustered in a tie for the number three and four slots. We sold a good number of non-sale items too. Thank you for your support.

Since the sales ended, numbers have been a little soft, but NOT terrible like they had been before we were able to address a number of issues concerning the online store. This means Rex and Thom have fixed many of the problems with the store and while they were at it, have tried to make navigation and shopping easier.

UPDATE: A new issue with the Palladium Online Store. There were, however, problems over the weekend. The big one involved “Browser Compatibility” that caused “some” (not all) people using Internet Explorer and Firefox to be unable to place an order for more than a single book. The problem was the shopping cart would drop the item in the cart as soon as a second item was added. I want to thank the number of customers who contacted us about this problem, because we were unaware of it. That meant an estimated 20-30% of you could not place your order. Grrrr. That number would have been higher, but some of the browser users were able to place orders. Which made the matter all the more confounding.

As you might expect, this was very upsetting. Some related how they wanted to help Palladium by making a purchase, but were frustrated because they could not. Others were upset because they were missing out on the sale items they wanted. Fear not! I have your back. You will have another opportunity to get those sale items, see Second Chance Sale, June 2-5, 2011 – that’s this weekend, starting today.

It wasn’t easy, but the problem Internet Explorer and Firefox users were experiencing should be fixed. Palladium gamer Dorne’s observation and input helped put us on the right track. Thanks Dorne.

IMPORTANT Note: If you should encounter the problem of items dropping from the shopping cart, here is the easy fix (provided by Dorne). Immediately after YOU – the customer – add your first item to the shopping cart, click on the little blue “Update” button under the Qty column and the problem is solved – nothing drops out of the shopping cart and you can add as many items as you like. How simple, but who knew, except Dorne who contacted us with this solution using the Update button. See, this is what makes the Palladium Books community so darn awesome.

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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – May 26, 2011

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By Kevin Siembieda

I’m so frustrated I don’t even know what to write. I talked about this a bit in a recent Murmur.

Things have been going great at Palladium Books, we’ve been flying so high we regularly orbit the moon. The Creators Conference was a success, excitement is palpable, ideas are flying, new books in the pipeline are fantastic, distributor sales have bumped up a bit, I am hot writing, we launched the new Palladium website and people are raving about it. Best of all, online sales had been strong and climbing the few weeks before the website launched.

Then the floor dropped out from under us. Online sales plummeted as soon as the new Palladium website went live, and sales have stayed at rock bottom for going on two weeks now. That’s bad. Very, very bad. To add to our concerns, it seems to me that Memorial Day weekend sales are usually low because folks are out enjoying the long weekend. Gah.

Mystery Problem. I know part of the sales problem is a lack of new products, which are coming, but this drop is way too much to be that alone. We have never experienced anything so sudden or so severe, or which has lasted this long. Not ever. It has to have something to do with the our beautiful new website. But what?! Sales were very good just prior to going live, the new Online Store looks fantastic and is easy to use, many descriptions and images have been updated. So what the heck?

It’s so frustrating. It is times like these when I feel like the old saying, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” We listen to our fans. We try to do what people (and we) want. We bust our collective behinds to make the new website happen, people love what they see, we love it too, and then boom: One problem with the website after another. So far, none of them have been major or unexpected, except for the severe downturn in online sales. That’s been brutal and we are very worried. We need to fix that problem and fast.

A work in progress. The guys have found and fixed a number of technical problems with the website (broken links, search engine issues, etc.), as well as improved other aspects of the store and site. We are still working out the bugs and making upgrades so you may continue to experience some technical difficulties from time to time. Please be patient with us. The guys are doing their best to get the new Palladium website up and running smoothly on a permanent basis. We want you to have a great web experience when you visit Palladium Books online.

If you are having problems placing orders, using the store, or navigating the website, PLEASE let us know. We need your feedback to find and fix any problems and make improvements. Thank you.

You can also help by posting links to the Palladium Books website, or better yet, link to the Palladium store specifically, and even links to specific products (like core books, new releases, etc.) on your own websites, Facebook pages, and other websites that allow such things. SERIOUSLY, this would help. Thanks again. We always appreciate the help you give us.

Weekend Super-Sale – 5 Days Only!

We need to help people find Palladium’s new website and buy product to get online sales back where they belong. To make that happen, I’ve come up with a Memorial Day Sale with prices on select items that will knock your socks off! Since it’s Palladium’s 30th Anniversary, we mostly bundled items in groups of three.

The savings are mind blowing. Like what? How about the “Hardcover” Robotech® Shadow Chronicles RPG ($30.95 retail) for only $15.95, or three Rifts® prints ($26.00 value) for only $10.00, or $20 worth of Rifts® miniatures for $7.00. Sale runs from today through Memorial Day Weekend. Ends Tuesday morning, May 31, 2011.

See the full description of the Memorial Day Sale later in this Weekly Update. And PLEASE spread the word about the sale, the new website and pick up those new and back in print books you've been meaning to buy.

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